Snapshot ready wallets - David Esser

In the recent Crowdcast ama David Esser answered the first part of a question posed by Adatainment concerning Yoroi ledger status for the snapshot, he sadly didn’t address the second part of the question concerning Daedalus paper wallets. My understanding is that Daedalus paper wallets are not included in the snapshot and that it is only Daedalus hot wallets. I have tried to get absolute clarity on this question - on Reddit I posted a question - ‘to be absolutely clear will Daedalus paper wallets be included in the snapshot?’ - the answer I received was ‘No’. Adatainment’s question implies that they will be included. Can anyone provide a definitive answer?


Hello @Dingo,

a Daedalus paper wallet is fine and can be restored in the testnet. Please also see this official infographic:


Thanks for clarifying this. I have however one doubt regarding Daedalus paper wallet.

What if I restored paper wallet, created additional addresses and transferred ADA there. Would all ADA in those additional addresses work for staking on testnet as well?


As long as your addresses are on Daedalus you will be able to use them for test purpouses as long as you have a seed phrase for them, the snapshot will generate a copy of all addresses associated, if you are in the middle of restoring your paper wallet and creating new addresses at the time of the snap shot you may need to go through all of them on the testnet to find out wich one was recorded for tesnet purpouses, all known ada addresses will be recorded when the blockchain undergoes the snapshot, but… really if your in the middle of the process at the exact moment one could never be sure it was the paper wallet or the other’s.

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Thanks so much for the clarification. The info graphic is fantastic

I have a related question to that posed by hivos. Will we be able to move the snapshot ada between wallets in the testnet phase? This would seem to be an important option for seeing how people behave once staking incentives are added. For example I have most of my ada in paper wallets and a lot of different wallets on-chain. Once I restore my paper wallets in the testnet version can I send to my Ada to other restored wallets to get a greater spread?

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Yes of course, the testnet will have all the features (even more) than the mainnet has.