Soft Management vs. World Class Management for Governance of Cardano

I am a bit concerned regarding the Liquid Democracy & Treasury combination, without having the DAO structure.

I have the feeling that actions by a nice Community in general will have too much of empathy and big heart to “forgive”, “look away”, “give one more try”, “accept anyway”, “let´s not be so hard” and end up with soft changes & decisions within the Governance & Sustainability of Cardano.

A fearless, ruthless, purely performance & result oriented, hardcore management (high concentration among executive management of Big5 Consultancies) is much more efficient to lead an Ecosystem, which you may build up in a DAO structure. Not with liquid democracy, as you would expect highly skilled management, consultants to participate in exchange of some sort of financial compensation & other incentives (fame & reputation).

Maybe this is something that could be made part of the liquid democracy approach, to reward decision makers, leaders with the biggest voting stakes from the Treasury and let people who delegated their votes to them influence the reputation of such leaders?

What do you think, how to make sure we will have highly competent & professional decision making in the Cardano governance?

I do also see the need for recruitment to take place unless the Community is able to appoint enough top tier managers & experts with credibility, reputation and track history from its members.

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