Some questions on Cardano Foundation and ADA's approach to future protocol development

Hello Everyone,

Trying to understand some aspects on Cardano Foundations finances and ADA’s approach to protocol development. Please help me out with these queries:

  • How much money does the Cardano Foundation have? Is there any resources to look it up? Does the CF publish any financial updates?
  • Who will support the development of ecosystem and infrastructure on Cardano once the mainnet launches? If it is CF, how much funding do they have and how long are they planning to support Cardano development? I don’t think DAO based funding will be feasible immediately on mainnet launch.

I ask this because developing appropriate infrastructures is essential for developers to come and build on top of Cardano. Consensys has supported most of the development in Ethereum and Tezos foundation has already provided more than 60 million dollars for research and infrastructure development in Tezos. Interestingly, despite that, the infrastructure for DEFI development in tezos is still far behind what Ethereum has currently.

  • How is future protocol development going to be incentivized in Cardano? For instance, in tezos, protocol development is incentivized via inflation funding (i.e., any party who wants to propose upgrades to the core protocol can place an invoice, and if the proposal is voted in, that party receives funding through inflation of xtz). How does it work in Cardano?