Sovereign Digital ID

Atala Prism is being introduced in Ethiopia. Others are are introducing Sovereign ID’s elsewhere. The Cardano Community should actively engage with other groups developing and implementing Sovereign Digital Identity. This forum is for discussion about the state of Sovereign Digital Identity.

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A Palo Alto consultancy Criptic Labs LLC very recently signed n agreement with the sovereign nation of the Republic of Palau to issue Digital Id

Our Cardano community should be aware of this initiative, and perhaps pitch to Cryptic Labs to build on Atala Prism. Before this horse has left the barn.

RNS Digital Residency

The RNS platform provides accessible digital residency for all individuals around the world through our sovereign partnership. Digital residency grants a government-issued ID from a sovereign nation. Our sovereign nation partner is The Republic of Palau.

Application to digital residency is available to anyone. Once your application passes KYC and is accepted, you will be provided a government-issued ID, in two forms: as a physical ID card that is shipped to your address, and as a non-fungible token (NFT) on chain.

The RNS ID is a legally recognized and government-issued form of identification and can be used for any ID requirement.

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