SPECIAL: Q1 2019 - Cardano Foundation Main Events & Activities


Throughout 2019 The Cardano Foundation has been engaged in many different events and Activities.

Even though our foundation might seem silent at times, doesn’t mean that they are doing nothing.

In the background everyone is actively working hard to ensure the community is properly served, the goals are met, partnerships are made/maintained and platforms are created for the creation of legal frameworks or commercializing standards.

The problem is that we tend to quickly forget the amount of work that is being done. For this reason we believe that the creation of such quarterly series creates value, not only for the community but also for The Cardano Foundation as well.

The below links are just an example of the main events and activities the Foundation has been engaged in through Q1 2019

Next week we wil be presenting event of Q2 2019




As an exclusive update we have been informed that next week Gianna Abegg, from the Foundation’s Legal Counsel, will be in Malaga at the Congress for European Commission’s International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA).

Gianna will be joining state regulators and policymakers in Málaga on 11–13 November to discuss ways of bringing blockchain technology to the next stage during the inaugural Convergence Congress



Announcing the first group pf Cardano Ambassadors:


Cardano Ambassadors Website:


Cardano Foundation takes seat Event in Davos together with 3000+ Global Leaders to discus 4th Industrial Revolution:


Interview Nathan with Trust Sqare:


Cardano Foundation answers to questions from the Community:

Cardano Foundation Founding member of “European Commission’s International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications” (INATBA)