26.02.2019 - Trust Square Fireside Chat with CF Chairperson Nathan Kaiser

Trust Square is blockchain hub based in Zurich, Switzerland that brings together entrepreneurs, businesses, investors as well as academics and researchers from the blockchain technology space. They invited Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of Cardano Foundation, for a fireside chat to discuss the responsibilities and goals of the Cardano Foundation within the Cardano Ecosystem. Daniel Gasteiger from Trust Square also asked Nathan about the Foundation’s upcoming initiatives and priorities. See a list of questions discussed and the video below:

  1. When did you first get involved with Cardano?
  2. What is Cardano?
  3. What are the differences between IOHK, Cardano Foundation and Emurgo?
  4. And looking at it from a geographic perspective, the entities are based in Asia, Switzerland and the US. Can you please explain why?
  5. When is the protocol ready to do more? And how do we get updates?
  6. What’s the agenda for the IOHK Summit?
  7. What can you share about the research and academic partnerships happening behind Cardano?
  8. Can you give us an update on CF since you’ve started as chairperson and what the next immediate priorities are?
  9. Is it one of CF’s goals to add more independent directors or board members?
  10. With Cardano’s focus on government, public sector and developing countries, where do you see this going?
  11. Geographically, you used to be based in Asia but where are you now? And what do you do there?
  12. There is a global focus for Cardano. Where is Cardano’s major followings and support?
  13. Are there plans to build communities by physically attending events?
  14. Building on the decentralized community you spoke about, this can also be dependent on brick and mortar. Do you have plans for such initiatives, for example, to build Cardano centres or coworking spaces?
  15. You mentioned several areas of focus for CF, what about finance?
  16. When it comes to the legal side of blockchain, what is your view of the most advanced jurisdiction for building blockchain startups?
  17. What is the funding mechanism, who’s funding the Foundation? And is there any real use-case that you have implemented in Africa?
  18. From a technology standpoint, why should we be interested in Cardano?
  19. Since there are already well-established research programs with universities around the world, will there be interest to partner locally with say, Ethereum?
  20. Do you own Bitcoin?

For more information on Trust Square, check out their website here.