SPO and delegator rewards quick clarification

So as you know the SPO puts up their stake. My question is say a pool operator stakes 5 million ADA with a pool size of 60 million. Lets say his pool is rewarded 40,000 ada for the epoch. He is then distributed the 340 fixed tax and if he did 1% variable fee also. If say for easy numbers the pool was rewarded 40,000 ada for the epoch then he received the 1% pool operator fee +340 for 740 total reward for being an operator. My question is does he also receive a portion of the 39260 remaining pool rewards? Since he makes up the 8.333% of the 60 million pool size he also gets a portion of the left over pool rewards? Is my thought process wrong?

Ok, the pool’s active stake is 60m out of which 5m belong to the owner. For simplicity, let’s say the owner has pledged all of those 5m.



The expected (average) number of blocks would be 56.82. With a block reward of 750 ADA this would be 56.82 x 750 => 42615 from which the SPO gets 340 + 0.01 x (42615 - 340) => 762.75 (Here I assumed of block reward of 750 ADA, which may vary)

On top of that the SPO is also a delegator. So he also gets 5 / 60 => 8.3% of the remaining delegator rewards (42615 - 762.75) x 0.083 => 3473.74.

In total the owner gets 762.75 + 3473.74 => 4236.47 p.e.

The screenshots come from this calculator.

Hi @14Cardonian,

Maybe the example below helps:

How fixed & margin pool fees affect Cardano delegators? (ada4good.com)