Stake ada in a smart contract

Hello! I’m wondering if it will be possible for ada stored in a smart contract to be delegated to a stake pool?


Are you sure that’s possible? Traditional contracts don’t “store” fiat. I always assumed that, except only for the short time when it’s in transit between addresses, ADA is always allocated to a particular address. But I could be wrong…

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Yes it’s possivle to use a smartcontract to hold ADA
As a security measure you could write a smartcontract that hold ADA and you can get your money whenever you do the commit to actually unlock the smartcontract

NOW, I don’t know if you could stake from the smartcontract ( excellent question ) which I would love to know the answer if anyone does


This is interesting, if I were to lock up a large amount of Ada in a contract on something like a land purchase and if unable to stake from the smart contract while it’s locked and the contract stays locked for several years and the contract fails and my Ada gets returned to me then I will have sacrificed opportunity to earn stake rewards during that time, yet if it is possible to stake from a smart contract then the stake rewards could be a part of the contract and could go to any party involved in the smart contract.
Hopefully staking will be available in the future while the Ada is locked in a contract.