Stake pool course - topology files

Hi all,
I’m new to this forum. I’m going through the stake pool course and I’m on the page where I have to configure the block-producing node and the relay node. (Configure topology files for block-producing and relay nodes. - Stake pool course)

For the block producing node, it was easy enough to get the ip address of the relay node with the ifconfig command. For the port, I just decided on 3001 since netstat did not show that port in use (is there a better way to select the port?). I set the valency to 1, is there more info somewhere on how to set the valency?

For configuring the relay node, there is a link on the page which points to a json file with a list of peer nodes to connect to( But this file has info like addr, port, continent and state. There is no valency. Is this file correct?


hi there,
you can find more info about topology file under this link: Understanding your configuration files and how to use them: - Stake pool course

Thanks for the reply.

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