Staking ADA through an exchange (i.e. Binance, etc.)

Here is a short video I made to discuss possibilities of being able to stake your ADA holdings while still on an online Exchange.

( :grin:

Is this something we really want to aspire towards? Is there a reason why individuals would want to trust a third party exchange to hold funds instead of holding them in cold storage/desktop wallet?

I figure, some people do. Being that I received a lot of personal questions on this topic from others. Some people may not want the personal responsibility of securing their crypto, and managing their own delegations. I personally don’t aspire towards this concept.

See this post:

Can’t quite put my finger on that one :sweat_smile:

Enterprise address : Staking is not possible. This address type is meant for exchanges, who are not supposed to use funds entrusted to them for protocol participation.”


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Exactly, and it s a good measure in my opinion

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