Staking - Shower Thoughts

Was thinking about Staking and wondered.

Say you hold your ADA on Binance, they’d be staking your ADA coins… so you wouldn’t have to join a pool or delegate, possibly?

Binance would have to agree to share the token’s and they do for other coins, just had the thought cross my mind and was curious of others thoughts on the subject.

I think someone had this thought in the shower long ago, and came up with a solution already :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have different thoughts in the shower :slight_smile:

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Luckily, Cardano, has this covered:

“Enterprise address: Staking is not possible. This address type is meant for exchanges, who are not supposed to use funds entrusted to them for protocol participation.”

So when delegation arrives, get out of the shower and participate in the decentralization protocol by picking your delegate(s), as easy as a swipe.


It’s a good idea. I’ve actually got a bit of Zcoin on an exchange and it pays out a staking dividend, so it is possible.

I suppose, the more I think about it. If an exchange could stake on behalf of their ADA holders they would dominate the voting given their wallets are so large. Makes sense that enterprise addresses do not allow staking as Jotunn referenced.

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