Staking ada!

Hey early adaptors cardano,
Have a question in mind
My computer must b on 24/7 for getting rewards from staking ada?? Is it safe to be online with wallet 365 days a year,dont like that you know fear for hacks??. Am i wrong or…
Thanks guys/girls

It doesn’t need to be on 24/7 to stake, but rather to run a stake pool.

You can stake from a paper wallet if you like!


If you delegate your stake to a stake pool, you can turn off your computer and still get rewards.

Thanks for reply,
So thats great when sleeping you gett your rewarded ada automatic in your wallet, is it per month or year the ad of coins to you??,how do i know it will be our pools turn to get reward,how do i know if i choose a good pool or wich is a good one???,
Ada no 1

Staking rewards are paid after every epoch. (5 days)

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Thanks sir for info

I believe you will be able to see pool statistics and reward info from inside the various wallets so you can choose a good one. They are trying to make it very easy and simple for anyone to stake.