Staking and delegating for beginners—A step-by-step guide

Hi for the first 3 epoch i rewarded but when i checked the next epoch s it didnt get reward… is it normal??

You must be mistaken, nobody has gotten rewards yet. Unless you’re talking about the ITN? But that’s been dead for weeks.

When i click on reward it show the reward

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Which wallet, which version are you using?

Shelley testnet. 1.6.0

You can’t claim Rewards from the Shelley Testnet. Its only possible for the ITN ( INCENTIVIZED TESTNET )

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Yes but as you said you earned them in a Shelley testnet. They are not transferable into mainnet.

But in past epoch i didnt rewarded what is the mater?

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The testnet is dead, the pools have migrated to mainnet now.

But shelley testnet is just come for 7 days
And it introduced by mainnet wallet

Sorry no. If you mean you’re accessing testnet using mainnet wallet that is not true. Mainnet wallet uses mainnet only. ITN (not Shelley testnet) rewards will become available on mainnet with next version of Daedalus.

If I redelegate my stake after the first snapshot, will I get the rewards from the stake pool that I had the snapshot with? Or do I get rewards only if my stake stays with the pool for the entire epoch?

You stay with the first pool upto the changeover, there is no gap.

So as long as funds don’t leave the wallet you get rewards based on the snapshot. Which means I can delegate to another pool and still receive the rewards from the previous pool whilst waiting for rewards from the new pool - as long as I don’t withdraw my ADA.

@Cardano Is there an article on how to delegate your stake through cardano-cli? I know of a lot of exchanges wanting to delegate but there isn’t enough how to guides out there expect for the cardnao documentation, which is good, but an example always helps. I posted a question about staking through cardano-cli here.

Any advice?

Sure you can:

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Maybe a dumb question here. With fees I see an issue with a minimum amount of ADA that needs to be delegated to make the process economically viable. Does anyone have a general idea of the amount that should be delegated on the average pool to be profitable? Is it 10,000 ADA?

It doesnt really matter how much you delegated. The rewards are always about 5%~ per year.


I saw in most pools a cost per epoch of 340. I thought that was for each delegate, not total pool.

Lol that would have severely limited the amount of people in the pool.

Hi @ElliotHill perhaps you want to update the post and chance the delegation cycle image as the decrement was delayed by 5 days. Not a big deal but might cause a bit of confusion.

Thank you