Staking and delegating for beginners—A step-by-step guide

This article says you have to wait 4 epochs to receive rewards and my pool says you only have to wait 3 epochs. I’ve been waiting 5 epochs and still not received anything. Am I missing something?


Please see delegation cycle:

Delegate epoch 1- takes current epoch + one epoch to your delegation to be activated.

Epoch 3 - your stake is active and can receive rewards if your poo produce blocks

Epoch 4 - your rewards for epoch 3 are calculated

Epoch 5 - at the beginning of this epoch, your rewards for epoch 3 are paid.

@MrBrinker @Andy77aus - Hi both, thanks for the discussion! You are correct, the initial round of staking rewards post-Shelley hard fork experienced a five-day delay from the original road map. However, the delegation cycle in the article should be correct going forward—that is, four epochs.

It’s important to note that the maximum period before you see rewards should be four epochs, although this isn’t an exact measure of how many days it will take to receive rewards. This is because the rewards flow works like this:

Epoch 1: The epoch in which you delegate your stake will be ‘epoch one’ for rewards purposes,
Epoch 2: Your delegation becomes active and your delegation preferences are updated on the blockchain. During this epoch, your chosen stake pool should produce a block,
Epoch 3: During this epoch, your rewards are calculated,
Epoch 4: Your delegation rewards are distributed.

Each epoch lasts five days. However, if you delegated on day four of epoch 1, your staking preferences would still be updated in the following epoch, and you would still receive rewards in epoch 4. Therefore, this would be slightly less time to receive rewards than if you delegated on day one of epoch 1, but the entire process would still span over four epochs.


It is no longer every 5 days correct? It is per week?

I thank you for your expertise and time. I wish I had seen this post a long time ago. Lol

It is still 1 epoch = 5 days. However there are some discussion about chaning it to 7 days.

If I am currently delegating to a stake pool and then I decide to redelegate to another stake pool which will take two epochs to do, would I still be earning rewards from my previous stake pool during these two epochs?

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Yes :grinning:

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For a new stake pool operator which is yet to get delegation from other delegates, is 340 ada fees per epoch charged soley to pool operator even if he never gets chance to mint a block?

The fixed fee is to the SPO, not from them. On the other hand, it comes out of rewards, so no rewards, no fixed fee.

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Thank you for this awesome Staking guide! :100: :100: :100:

As far as I know: One delegation per wallet.

What could be the best wallet for staking cardano?

There are multiple good Cardano wallets, as you can see here : List of Wallets - Support FAQ

I do prefer Typhon and Eternl.

Amd there is not really a difference in staking (some have a limited selection of stake pools).

Staking is something you do with your wallet on-chain. You can control that wallet with different wallet apps in parallel, interchangeably, switch wallet apps, …