Staking in my own pool vs using the same amount of coins for the pledge

Title pretty much says it all.
Is there any advantage to staking in my own pool vs using the same amount of coins for the pledge?

Depends on how much you have to stake. If you don’t have a lot, then you’ll need to work on your pool marketing to be able to attract enough delegators. If you’ve got say 500,000 ada then you’ll be making blocks every two epochs, and would be sitting in a good position.

I dont but if I’m the only one in my pool I think I will get %100 of the rewards from a block, infrequent but all of the rewards.

Cons vs Pros

Perhaps I can say it better. Is there any advantage to staking in my own pool vs using the same amount of coins for the pledge?

You’re right. You get 100% of the rewards, but without a big pledge you’re stuck with relying on the luck factor (all spo do). But over time, it should still work out at about the same return (5%). There is a calculator in the iohk website which has a private pool option which might be worth looking at.

If you’re already running a pool, there is no difference - pledge is automatically staked with the pool it pledges for. If you’re still wondering whether you should run a pool or whether it is “better” to simple delegate to an existing pool there is a detailed discussion of cost to the operator vs. cost to the delegator over here.

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If you are going to have a go at setting up your on pool, make sure you have the system admin skills required and the time and money. Many of the existing pool operators will probably partner and share operator rewards including me. lol

Depend on your wallet. If you have multiple millions of ADA, pledge it. It will get you slightly better ROI e.g. 6% instead 5% p.a. Any amount below 1M Ada, the difference between pledge and stake is negligibly miniscule.

The answer to this question is very subjective and personal.
In my opinion the best way to answer this question is to understand how the system works for yourself and then deciding based on your personal preferences.

Here you can read how the pool fees affect delegators (deductions) and how it affects the pool operator (earning). Also take into account the costs of hosting and maintaining your pool:
How fixed & margin pool fees affect Cardano delegators? (

Here you can read about the chances of your pool finding a block based on your stake/pledge:
Mnemonic device to help estimate the odds of your stake pool finding blocks (

@Triton-pool so pledge amount is already effecting the ROI?

Yes, the a0 parameter is already in place.

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Really, do you have an associated issue or PR?

Not sure if a PR exists, but it is described here
The current a0 value is 0.3 so I assume it is effective. I might be wrong though.

AFAIK, that’s not implemented (yet). I’ll make a note of this. Perhaps I can find the associated issue.

I just checked on adapools. Epoch 268, pool eden 10m pledge - reward 772 Ada per block, pool ms10 30k pledge - reward 738 per block. It looks about right. 10m is roughly 1/6 of saturation. a0=0.3 => 0.05 pledge bonus. (772-738)/738 is again roughly 5%


I looked into this some time ago: Stakepool Profitability Calculation - #15 by zwirny