Staking pool choosing

Looking at the stake pool choices. What do you think are the most important criteria’s when choosing a pool?. Saturation % , amount pledged, potential rewards, etc? I move into different pools and still haven’t figured how to pick one over the other. Sometimes I’ll receive a certain amount for one epoc and have a vastly different payout in another epoc. Not sure what might cause this. Any thoughts?

Checkout guidance here.

Number of blocks a pool gets to create is proportional to their total stake, but it is only a probability. Beside the pool parameters, the lower the stake is, higher is the variance in rewards (on either side). The higher the stake is (while below saturation point), the more stable those rewards will be.

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Hi, a similar question has been asked and answered here:
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Actually a very common question with no obvious answer

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Choose a pool that is contributing something to the long term vision of Cardano. You are sharing your rewards with the stake pool operator, so pick someone you want to give money to. I’m a fan of

If you want an easier answer for best rewards, just pick any of the top 10 ranked pools in daedalus

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