Statement on Cardano Foundation’s Ada Holdings

In the spirit of disclosure and in response to the community’s request, Cardano Foundation’s ada current holdings can be viewed from the wallet link below.

To date, no funds have been spent from the Foundation’s allocated ada holdings. As stated before, Cardano Foundation’s ada were transferred from one wallet to another at one point in time. This was to ensure private keys were secure. The ‘old’ CF wallet address is: DdzFFzCqrht1RAzCsYyTHZJymt4qj65bV41TyufbmpTr9nGh2VS3zY25tJHu718QACd7xpKENCGfK8wnQhZXNJmnmCvxPHJfuwk3BzrP

Cardano Foundation’s ada holdings can only be used for the purposes and activities listed in the Foundation’s deed and statutory purpose.

The link to Cardano Foundation’s current wallet address can be found here:

Note that for operational reasons, Cardano Foundation may at any later point of time use additional wallets and thus additional addresses to manage its ada holdings.


Would you consider publishing additional information regarding the other monetary assets (BTCs and their fiat exchange currencies originating from the ICO stage) held by the Foundation to complete a “financial transparency protocol”?


Thanks for the this announcement @maki.mukai
Furthermore, thanks for the transparency as well. I’m sure this will help regain and rebuild trust with the community. :muscle:

I’m looking forward to seeing more questions answered and announcements made. Good job team. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, so currently, your holdings account for about 2.5% of the total circulating supply? Is this correct?

Thanks for this @maki.mukai !!

All I need is 1/648th of that to get my project into full swing.

Thanks. :grinning:

Well, make it 2/648ths, just because it’ll be so worth it.

Transparency. The more the better for the build of trust. Thank you.