Sticker design to get the public searching up Cardano

Hi, I got few sheets of 2" round stickers for the purpose of placing Cardano stickers in public to get random people to look up Cardano. If you have a design that you think is eye-catching or attention-grabbing, I’d appreciate if you can share it. I’m blanking out on what else to print. I used this sticker template or just edit from my saved clickbaity desgin to skip account registration.


Cardano is not a secret but I tried to make it… spicy?

some guides I follow
  • gets humans curious (hence the clickbaity attempt)
  • no “get rich fast” type of attention-grabbing
  • ink-friendly
  • relatively short (I tried, mine was a bit long)
  • I’ll try to avoid vandalizing public stuff meant to be clear of ads or posters.

I got inspired by the meme thread, this thread about Cardano being a meme and Telegram user Gryph The Grey’s recommendation of using stickers with QR code to He had put them on every street post within 2 miles of their house and in a few fun places.

Let me share some of my experiences

On my last trip I went around town looking for message boards then ended up on a bike trail near a lake. It’s summer so there’s no shortage of people. While riding there were three instances other bikers asked me what Cardano is. I can’t multi-task while cycling and they’re faster than me so I shouted “tech rivaling banks, anyone can make apps on it”, “finance system using blockchain tech, programmable money” and “just search it up when you get home.” Poor answers, I know.

While resting, there were four instances I heard some passerby reading my flag loudly. At one point there were these two guys walking and one of them repeated “Car~dano” to his friend like he’s heard of it before.

The places with the bike looks deserted but there’s people scattered behind me.


Well done @xxrsee :+1:, great initiative!

Do you have links to where people can print out the stickers and flags?

Good idea @xxrsee :smiley:
I made a few designs for stickers myself (not finished obiously, no designer here^^)
Feel free to improve on them, I can provide the .psd if necessary.
Would be nice to give away some kind of clickbait stickers at conferences etc. so that new people can learn about what cardano and blockchain is all about!


I love the simplicity in these, especially the second one. Thanks. I’ll start using them the next time I get out.

decentralize%20yourself decentralize%20yourself%20alt
decentralize yourself.pdf (143.0 KB)
decentralize yourself alt.pdf (141.9 KB)
I can’t get the text to be any bigger without it cutting off.


This is the where I got the stickers. Their online design editting tool I linked in the OP let’s you download the design as a pdf to print it or as a saved format for future editting. There are also other places you can get sticker sheets like sheetlabels Gryph The Grey recommended me.
The flag was just two sheets of A4 paper glued together to a bamboo stick I got from a dollar store. Attached them to my bike using crocodile clips.

And here's the "flag" I used, I plan on adding a QR or when I have a chance to change it.