STO Discussion: The Co-Existence of Regulation and Innovation

Charles spoke on this panel at the Hong Kong Blockchain week.

I fully agree with Charles on this topic as many others in the audience. I have been a strong advocate of LIBOR and banking reform since 2012, but they have never tried to clean up their industry. Imo, it is too late they will be disintermediated.


You are absolutely right. The ingenuity of innovation is that you can’t stop it.

Banking has been a very well-protected industry but even then they were not spared.

We now have a parallel financial system that, even at its infancy, gives established financial institutions a ton of headache.

They can’t replicate it (it’s too cost disruptive) they can’t kill it (it’s owned by no one) and they can’t buy it.

Crypto is a real hedge against all the bad decisions and entrenched interests in the current financial system.

It is not too long before we see an exodus of value and financial professionals into crypto.

Like you said perfectly, it is too late now.

Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. People have another option now.


yes sir, every dollar is a vote.

Ha! some great quotes from Charles in that video:

Some press on it here: