Stuck syncing on testnet

Hey guys, in the process of building a new relay node for my existing testnet pool. I am having a syncing problem and am unsure what to make of it.

  1. the sync progress is stuck on 98.2% epoch 214, see attached screen shot 1:

  2. im receiving errors when i use the journalctl follow command returns the following output: see attached screenshot 2:

im assuming since is returning error about connection issues it may have a problem with the servers its trying to communicate with, but am unsure if thats true or even how to fix it.
current topology file is configured as follows: see attached screen shot 3:

any help is appretiated :slight_smile:

if u already have other nodes synced and running testnet then replace iohk servers from topology file with yours


What version of cardano-node are you running? It should be at least 1.35.0, recommended 1.35.1.

gotcha yes, the current build is 1.34.1. ill update the node/cli and try again. thanks for your help.

they are returning same errors, im going to update the node/cli as they are running 1.34.1 and then cp the topology from my original relay to new relay. thanks for your help :slight_smile: