The Cardano Academy is live

Hello we’re thrilled to launch the Cardano Academy!

The first certified course is now available: Cardano Blockchain Certified Associate (CBCA) Course.

Accelerate your journey in blockchain with cutting-edge educational material and gamified learning delivery to help retain your knowledge. Get started for free with learning accessible on the go and at your own pace.

You can enroll now on


Hello team,

Yesterday I have just started participating in Cardano Academy but for some reason the videos are not playing today.

I have attached a print screen of what message pops-up from my side. Would really appreciate assistance on this for I am sort of a “badge freak”.

Best regards

Hey @CardanoToTheWorld,
Thanks for your post.
For me, the video in this unit is loading fine and working as intended.
If it is still not working for you, I suggest going through the fixes mentioned in this article: Ways to Fix Vimeo Videos Not Playing on Chrome/Firefox 2024

Just following up and checking whether you managed to resolve the issue? Happy learning!

Hello Nicolas and Andrew,

Yes, for some reason it is now resolved. What happened is as following;

  1. open a different instance of Cardano Academy and it worked
  2. the window that still has the errored Cardano Academy still doesn’t work even though it has been resolved in the other window

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,

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I’m glad you got it solved Yan! Please reach out if you ever have any other issues or concerns. See you around.