The Cardano Effect's Recent Podcasts Featuring IOHK's Researchers and Wyoming's Upcoming Hackathon & Legislature

Have you checked out The Cardano Effect’s recent podcast episodes?

They have released several great and informative episodes featuring:

Caitlin Long joined their podcast to discuss the Wyoming Hackathon, the cryptocurrency landscape in Wyoming, the US government view on crypto and much more.

Professor Simon Thompson: senior research fellow at IOHK joined to talk about Marlowe, Plutus, and Haskell and how they will allow Cardano to make an impact in the financial world -

Lars Brünjes, PhD. Director of Education Team Haskell & Polina Vinogradova, formal methods software developer, both at IOHK joined to discuss and answer your questions about their new educational book, ‘Plutus: Writing Reliable Smart Contracts’.

And last but not least a Weekly Cardano Recap here:

Enjoy this very informative and educational show!


I watched the Caitlin Long interview today.
Really interesting one.