The Deets on San Diego's first Cardano meetup!

An exceptionally fun time at Coin Haus with the San Diego Cardano meetup group! The best part about it (other than discussing the new Icarus wallet, which is going to be AWESOME) was how interesting and diverse all the members who showed up were.

They ranged from a Brazilian youtuber who uses his knowledge to educate people in America and Brazil about the benefits of blockchain technology, to talented programmers who want to build specialized Dapps for the Cardano ecosystem. Heck, we even had a master chef who popped by.

Cardano is the next best step for the future of blockchain, and everyone whos interested in it, involved in it, or want to be involved in it are part of that future.

So if you want to get personally involved with Cardano and are in the San Diego area then please, join the meetup group, we’d love to have you there! :grin:


Is there a San DIego Cardano telegram channel?

@WadeLove great write up Wade! Thanks very much :slight_smile: