The Intersection of Technology and Public Governance

Ever wondered how your voice can influence the design of regulations that govern your online space? Well, today, we’re hosting Aharon from Consenz, the groundbreaking web platform that’s reshaping the landscape of decentralized governance and decision-making. Aharon opens up about his journey with Cardano, the fertile ground it provides for idea implementation, and the significance of this new path of governance that fosters public participation. Expect some riveting insights about Consenz’ mission to establish an online discussion culture that encourages consensus, and how three fresh catalyst proposals are paving the way for this new era of digital democracy. Aharon also peels back the curtain on his experience at a SWARM workshop, revealing how it not only showcases the transformative work that Consenz is doing but also offers a platform for brainstorming and collaboration.

But that’s not all! Aharon takes us further down the path of Consenz’ journey, sharing insights on future plans, the challenges faced, and how they’re navigating these hurdles. Funding proposals may be a challenging terrain, but Aharon paints a picture of their ambitious goals for a new proposal and a legislative co-creation initiative that’s currently on hold. It’s a candid conversation where Aharon shares about the need for better user experience and interface, and interestingly, the potential to test the platform across various use cases. You can’t afford to miss this intriguing discussion on how Consenz could potentially impact regulatory design across different regions, putting you - the user - right in the heart of the decision-making process. Tune in, and let’s explore the world of decentralized governance together!