Governance Toolmaker Roundtable #2

Huhuu and happy weekend everyone

I would love to give a short intro & update on an initiative I’m quite excited about.

We started with Swarm in collaboration with quite some cardano projects to set up & initiate a very first Cardano Governance Toolmaker Roundtable at the end of last year, and slowly but surely the thing starts to evolve and to take shape.

Yesterday, on Friday, January 20th we had a second meeting and the first time we recorded our call:

And yet, as we as a community collectively enter the Voltaire era, we really need hands-on governance topics.

So, i’d love to share this initiative with you… and for sure, inviting everyone who’d like to engage in the future and help us to move this initiative to a hopefully bright future.

Some more information can be found at:

And for everyone interested to engage, i invite you to join the young discussion at the CIP Discord via:

Have a great weekend everyone and stay amazing :hugging_face:

At this pont, huge thanks and shoutout to all participating souls and groups:

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