Overview over Discussion on CIP-1694 - Twenty-Seven and a Half Open Questions

The Swarm Session from Feb 18, 2023 was all about CIP-1694, a CIP suggesting a new governance process for Cardano. The recording of the session is here CIP-1694 | SWARM Session 18/02 #cardano #community #governance #blockchain - YouTube (1h 17 min, timestamped)

First, we outlined how the CIP (“Cardano Improvement Proposal”) process actually works, and raised some initial questions about CIP-1694. Then we had breakout rooms on dReps, the Constitutional Committee, SPOs, and Inclusion/Accessibility. These were not videoed, but they each collected notes on this Miro board: https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVPv2UmUI=/

To wrap up, we discussed some further broad Cardano governance questions, also collected on the Miro; and we didn’t stop raising and discussing concerns after closing out. It has been a broad and rich discussion!

We would love to invite you to join the discussion too!

To do so, we would love to invite you to a range of things:

  • The Miro board linked above is open for further sticky notes with your thoughts, comments, ideas, and questions
  • Provided by QA-DAO, we also have a textual summary of the session and the notes - it is open for your comments!: Summary of Swarm session Sat 18th Feb 2023 on CIP-1694 - Google Docs
  • And if you want, please feel free to share your own boards, documents, sessions, threads, and articles!

We’d love to hear and read from you and your thoughts!

Swarm also offers a handful of Bounties to incentivise keeping the discussion on CIP-1694 up in different formats: Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration (Bounties will be on Dework, but you can pick from sticky notes on Miro)


This session was a continuation of a previous (more introductory) After Town Hall discussion on Feb 15, 2023: “Voltaire” - CIP 1694 Discussion with Kenric (Photrek) & Stephen (QADAO) - YouTube (1h 7 min, timestamped)

Find the invitation posted on the Forum with some linked resources on CIP-1694 here: Swarm Session - CIP 1694

Find QA-DAO’s documentation of CIP-1694 here:

CIP-1694 itself: CIPs/README.md at voltaire-v1 · JaredCorduan/CIPs · GitHub