What is CIP 1694?

CIP 1694 was named after the birth year of Voltaire, where a revision of Cardano’s on-chain governance system is proposed to support the new requirements for the “Age of Voltaire”. The existing governance support for protocol parameter updates and MIR certificates will be deprecated, and two new fields will be added to normal transaction bodies: governance actions and votes. Any Cardano user will be able to submit a governance action, which will be ratified by three distinct groups: a Constitutional committee, a group of delegation representatives (DReps), and stake pool operators (SPOs). Ratified actions can then be enacted on-chain according to a set of well-defined rules.

Read the blog post by @liberlion about the CIP 1694 here: A CIP for a Decentralized Governance Mechanism for the Voltaire Era | AdaPulse

Read breakdowns:

Read the (raw) CIP 1694 by @JaredCorduan here: CIPs/README.md at voltaire-v1 · JaredCorduan/CIPs · GitHub


I found this video (00:00 - 14:20) by Jcrypto, where he goes over CIP-1694. Definitely worth a watch.


Another great breakdown (video) of CIP 1994 by Army of Spies:


Greek translation of CIP-1694 from @CardanoChefPool


Thank you for posting this here as well Nicolas!

Im going to create videos in both Greek and English regarding the CIP 1694 in the next week or so. Ill make sure ill post them on forum as well!


Great new video by Andrew Westberg discussing CIP-1694. At the end he also discusses some of his questions about the current state of the CIP. I highly recommend watching this video.

Link: Cardano: NerdOut - Voltaire Governance - YouTube

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