Army of Spies - Voltaire & CIP 1694 Video

Really nice Video from Army of Spies, explaining some important topics on emerging Voltaire evolutions at the Cardano Ecosystem touching on:

0:00 Intro
2:47 Voltaire
6:00 CIP-1694
6:55 Current 5 of 7 System
7:44 Governance Actions
8:00 Ratifying Groups
9:13 DReps
9:42 Cardano Constitution
10:40 Constitutional Committee
13:56 Governance Action Types 15:25 Ratification
26:25 Two Phase Rollout
27:07 Remaining Issues

Thanks a lot for this AOS :slight_smile:


This was an excellent video, he goes through the CIP pretty thoroughly. I recommend everyone view this.


Much agree, very insightful video & content… Also, when looking at Governance it ends up being actually a lot about education. Uneducated governance participants would most likely not be able to participate in a high quality.
So, wondering a lot how an as easy as possible education framework for governance could look like. How could we allow interested individuals or groups to build fast & deep knowledge about governance to get them actively involved in further ideation & design processes about governance ?

Do you have some ideas ?

AOS Rocks, he makes amazing videos.

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Hell yes he does… AOS for Ambassador i’d say ^^
Might be an idea to ask him if he’d like to give some time on Governance topics ?
His content is surely hq and could help a bunch of people to understand more about Cardano Governance