Swarm Session - CIP 1694

Hey there and welcome to Saturday Swarm Session.

At this event on Feb 18th, we will aim to take CIP 1694, throw it against a wall and see in which pieces it falls apart and which specific open questions may appear.

The Session will start with a general discussion in the main room and may eventually break off into several breakout rooms to focus on specific items and topics around CIP 1694

The Goal is to identify major areas of CIP 1694 which require community thoughts and perspectives and further attention to ensure an effective roll out and implementation of CIP 1694.

Please come prepared to the Session and read carefully through CIP 1694

Join us on Saturday, February 8th at 17.00 UTC
Live on Zoom via: Launch Meeting - Zoom

You can also get some additional perspectives from these videos:

And some great recaps & thoughts on the Cardano Forum:


Let’s go! I’m looking forward to talk some CIP-1694 and on-chain governance with all of you :smiley:

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I’m in. (post needs to be 10 characters)

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It’s unfortunately at 4am here. I’ll have to watch the recording.

nuuuu ^^
4am is rly not a good time for a call… we could see if we can setup a additional one with Eastern Town Hall ?


I believe there’s a 1 missing from the 18th.

It’s no problem. I’ll watch the recording, Felix. Time zones will never work for everyone.

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Video is now available:

(lots of timestamps and other information in the video description)


and some wrap from the CIP 1694 Swarm Session :slight_smile:

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