The k factor!

hey first of all the best wishes for 2022.
just was thinking about the adjustment of k parameter is there any date when this going to be brought down??? has been done now 2 times is cardano going do it soon this year??? will be nice for small pools to get more luck to get some more blocks rewards the big pools are getting big slice of the cake small pools only tiny cake if its far this k can be brought down ??? can somebody explain me,any fix dates??? much more decentralized with this move or???
thank u dear ada gang👍


No updates yet (no date known)


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hmmm thanks ,bit strange there are no dates about k ,thought there was a protocol about this very hot subject ,think its very important for the chain making it more fair.:thinking:
next ama trying to get a responce for charles hoskinson hope he reads mine question​:grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::joy::joy::pray:
thanks alexd

I am sure that the team has other priorities now


but sorry this priority is old and must b done a bit in time cardano had said they wil do it in phases
if they put this in cold storage for years??? not good for the chain i think🤔