Timelock simple script

Hello all,

What I’m trying to achieve:
There are some native tokens already minted and destributed in different wallets on mainnet. Is there a way for a wallet or even multiple wallets to time lock those tokens so they can’t be sent for a specific period of time using a simple script and not a smart contract?
If so how can I create this simple script? I took a look at the documentation

But couldn’t do it.
Any help will be appreciated.


You can create an address with a simple script, where spending from that address is not possible for a specified amount of time.

That is what Eternl’s Staking Vault did:

But you cannot lock circulating tokens at all. If they are in my wallet, I can always spend them.

There are discussions that spending scripts/contracts should be possible, but they are not at all at the moment. And even if they were, such constraints would have to be decided on at mint time, be encoded in the policy and could not be added after the fact.

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Thanks for your reply. Actually I’m looking to do what eternl did with Staking Vault.
Can you please describe the steps to create the script in the same way you described the steps to move your ada and your NFT off the locked simple script address?