Tokenizing Real-World Assets: Unraveling the Twin Ecosystem and the Future of

Ever wondered how real-world assets like gold can be tokenized in the digital realm? Join our enlightening conversation with Lisa from Twin, a real-world asset token Ecosystem, and uncover how they’re connecting the physical and digital worlds. Lisa shares the fascinating backstory behind the name Twin and introduces us to their powerhouse team, including Thomas, Eileen, Philip, and Heaval, as well as their partnerships with external legal councils and software development experts.

As single-stake pool operators face challenges in the Cardano ecosystem, Twin is stepping up to provide solutions. We discuss the impact of the first ISPO in the Kodama ecosystem on single-stake pool operators and how Twin is compensating for the loss of delegation through their innovative ISPO. Learn about the legal aspects of gold tokenization, the value of the Oracle P, and exciting NFT bonuses for those who participate in their ICO. Plus, we explore the ever-changing landscape of the crypto industry and the difficulties of building a venture in the US. Don’t miss this information-packed episode with Lisa from Twin!

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