Transfer native tokens to secure storage


Recently minted native token to Deadalus Wallet Mainnet Wallet.
On opening the Deadalus App on my mac its now Verifying to blockchain. I want to be able to store these native tokens safely and securely. I have been reading some alarming topics about people loosing wallets on Deadalus. Where should I be storing the Native tokens any wallet recommendations and how to get it there ?

You don’t ”store” them on your wallet, it’s stored on the blockchain. Your best option is to use a hardware wallet like ledger nano x. It stores the private key so that only you can access what belongs to you. Make sure you do exactly as recommended when you setup your hardware wallet. Write down the recovery words and keep them safe.

The nano x has more storage than the s which I think doesn’t support ada.

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Both Nano S and Nano X support Cardano the same way. For the moment you can use them with any Cardano wallet, because the Ledger Live application does not support Cardano. In the future, it will.

Thanks I have seen these advertised on Brave. Is there much difference between models and do they usually come with instructions on how to setup and transfer ADA tokens to the hardware wallet ?

They definitely should but I only know the ledger. The cryptodad channel on youtube is good. Just don’t recycle the seedphrase to a software wallet. It takes some time to leran how they work so you need to do your own research.

Here are instructions. The x model should be used for Ada

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