Treasury and reserve address

As the title says, I tried to find the treasury and reserve addresses. Can anyone give me a hint?

Those are not addresses. You can see the current values here: Pots | Cardano Staking / Explorer.


Thanks. So what are they, accounts like reward accounts? There must be a way to view them, no?

No, there aren’t any addresses associated with it.

@brouwerQ would you mind explaining this a bit more if your’re familiar with the subject?

Where exactly on-chain is the reserve / treasury value maintained and updated if there is no address?
Is there a way to access these values with cardano-cli or only through db-sync?


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How is circulating supply calculated then and how do we know how much funds are in the treasury?

I’m not too familiar with how it’s kept either but I’m guessing each node calculates those values and keeps it in memory/on disk. Certainly not only in db-sync because each node needs the current value of the reserve to calculate the rewards each epoch.