True Trading Volumes Will Change the Entire Crypto Market (95%!)

True Trading Volumes Will Change the Entire Crypto Market (95%!)
95% of crypto trade volume is fake. Boom!!! That was the figure quoted in Bitwise’s recent ETF application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Furthermore, popular metrics site, CoinMarketCap, has admitted that the concerns are “valid”.

It represents an enormous gap in understanding. Most of us, when doing our research, go to CoinMarketCap and look at the main statistics of the coins. Market capitalisation is the most revered measurement of a coin (and hence why Bitcoin is the ‘Number One’, but after market cap, the next most important metric is trading volume.
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Trading volume reflects movement of crypto. When we buy ADA, most of us go through a number of Trading steps, in order for the ADA to end up in our wallets. That’s not fake trading.

So the original article is not clear an concise. It suggests individuals are manipulating the market by moving crypto from wallets to exchange and back again. A pointless exercise.