Trustless PoS more decentralised than Deligated PoS (Cardano)?

Can someone explain what makes DPoS better than TPoS? At TPoS, you can actually run your own node without even being online. At DPoS, you either deligate your stake or run your own node, for which you must be ONLINE. So doesnt that mean,TPoS is more decentralized that DPoS (Cardano)???

I don’t understand how you could run a node without being online. How could that work?

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I found this fact sheet that says the following:

TPoS essentially allows users to own a stake in Stakenet and use any other node to do the staking for them using their high bandwidth, continuous, connectivity, while not having to share any spendable balance or private keys with the node. Your funds are yours and yours alone.

That just sounds like the same thing as delegation.

The level of decentralisation can be controlled in Cardano by adjusting the variable for how much stake a pool can have before it stops receiving extra rewards. So if it isn’t decentralised enough it can be adjusted. I think at the moment the aim is to have 1000 stake pools.

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there is a medium article to it.

“Trustless Proof of Stake allows people to offer Staking as a Business, where a merchant can stake other people’s coin”

Your coins will be staked bt the merchant.For that you need to pay a small commission. And you coins acts as a single node. Unlike Stakin pool, which as a whole act as a SINGLE node, each person who stakes his coin at merchant node, acts individually as a node. This means, everyone intity has a voice, unlike staking pool which has a SINGLE voice.

well this is what i got.


Oh that makes sense.
I guess it’s still centralised in that a single entity would be running multiple nodes for different users. So if one entity was running 51% of the nodes they could influence the network.
As I mentioned, Cardano sets a reward cap for pools to prevent that kind of thing from happening.


i cant tell you in detail about that. But that is a concept how it works. Consider as if a Stakinpool was a Merchantnode, EVERYONE deligating their ADAs to the POOL would be considered as a SINGLE NODE. You wont have to be online and you are more decentralized than the existing Cardano DPoS


Makes sense. Another thing would be to consider how much decentralisation is enough. With 1000 stake pools an attacker would need to gain control of hundreds of nodes to affect the network. It probably isn’t necessary for each individual user to have their own node.