Some ideas

I am enjoying the testnet staking. Thank you my beloved dev team.
However, I think of these followings, which I believe to make Cardano more decentralized and secured.

  1. Not easy for a non-tech guy to set up the node. Can we have the node more simple, i.e only click a button on the wallet ?
  2. Do not let people chose staking pools. Let it be chosen randomly. If a chosen node is shut down, undelegate and redelegate automatically.
    Anyway, I am not a professional. My ideas can be silly in your eyes. But I wish to say. Thank you again men.

if the pools are chosen randomly, why would you set fees as low as possible? get 100% fees because nobody can undelegate his stacke if you arent shut down :slight_smile:

i hope you see that your idea aint that good :smiley:

but yeah i agree with your first point :slight_smile: would be nice.

Please make the saturation rate much lower, to 0,33% In that case the chances of the little pools are growing and the network will be far more centralised.

Let us see from which country a pool comes. So you can stake in a pool from youw own country if you like that (in my case Holland, Netherlands).

#1 Will happen in time.
#2 Is bad news, you want to be in control of your stake, not give it away.

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