UBI (Universal Basic Income) on Cardano

Implementing UBI (Universal Basic Income) on Cardano would make ADA the defacto currency of the World not just for store of value.

Implementing UBI on Cardano will address these opportunity areas:
Unemployment by Automation
Elders without Retirement Plans
… and much more

I welcome you to make a Better World and share your ideas, brainstorming, experience on how to implement UBI on Cardano.



not to be overly negative or anything but i would be interested to see how we would pay for that. i suspect transactions fees could not cover this cost. Sure on paper it seems like a fun idea but this is not the network or time for something of that magnitude and wont be for quite some time.

im sorry but UBI is nonsense

the only reason this is needed is because governments make life so difficult that it becomes an issue, you don’t need UBI if you have

  • freedom in currency
  • freedom in the work place
  • freedom in markets

you are looking at the issue completely backwards… all we need to do to remove the need for UBI is to return freedom to these areas, cardano takes care of the first issue, it’s probably the biggest and most important step, the others will follow

if you are puzzled by this comment then i suggest you watch “free to choose” series on youtube, the issue isn’t about not generating enough money, it never was… its about freedom, thats where the money comes from, cardano is about returning value to EVERYONE


After reading some comments here and there on other social media platforms, lets analyze this comment : “It can’t be done, someone has to pay for it”. The “It can’t be done” comment is based on Government trials with UBI back in the 70s and 80s, as we all know the Government could be the worst money manager. Crypto including Cardano is supposed to cut the middle man although there is one (exchanges/whales). The “someone has to pay for it” comment is based on the arrogance of I don’t want to fund this (you’ll be funding yourself), although the commenter is already paying taxes in goods and services to fund someone else (politicians, bureaucracy, government ) and we all know politicians live above our payroll. Any Crypto or “smart money” or “programmable money” has the potential for a Self Governance Funding that could enable UBI. If you are here just for Lambo & Moon and not to fight Poverty and social inequality but yours only , well I guess that is Ok. I’m addressing this community because Cardano is in a potencial stage for greater things, and I’m inviting greater minds than mine to think about this. Maybe UBI is not feasible on Cardano, but your are welcome to use your “scientific approach” on this Matter.

Thanks for reading me.


i already tried to explain to you that you are looking at the problem backwards

poverty isn’t a lifestyle, it is a temporary situation you grow out off… UBI isn’t a solution to this, no form of dependence is

a poor person who has opportunity is no longer poor

you don’t seem to understand what the problem is, like i said, watch the series free to choose to get a better grasp on the subject

UBI is a dangerous social experiment that should be avoided at all costs. Money does not appear from the thin air - someone has to pay for it (well, it sometimes does and that’s what inflation is - in that case, everybody pays for it). UBI is just a way of money redistribution which is solving symptoms in a bad way, not the real problem.

I would start with small expectations, one of them is working on RL “usefulness” and finishing something at some point instead of inventing new silly names for new abstract projects :smiley:

Small steps first while this fairy tales about taking over the world one should leave for some new crypto coins …

Franco, can you tell an Unemployed Handicapped or and Elder working at your local Walmart that their lifestyle is a temporary situation to grow out off ?

UBI on a cryptocurrency is freedom of market, UBI imposed by the government is not.

UBI will not be imposed by the cryptocurrency, it will be optional, you can choose to enable it or not, just like you would with staking.

Franco, how did UBI affected you ? I’m asking this because it doesn’t exists, only on whitepaper.

Smedzlatko, the only social experiment I see is this thread.

atcalypso, you’re right, first Shelley & Staking, then whatever LOL XD.

By the way, I like my Cardano stake medium rare.

all your questions are answered if you bothered to watch the material i mentioned with an open mind, the notion of UBI is based on a fundamental misunderstanding on the root causes of poverty and hardship

it solves nothing, in fact it makes things worse, it creates a new class that sit below poverty which could be labelled state dependent

Wow! just wow! UBI is a very in depth socialist if not communist experiement, there are no trends to prove it solves anything, Education is more important than instituting such a program, educating folks allows them to utilize thier skills to get ahead - instead of living on a governed handout, more focus needs to be on education so people have the opportunity to seek affordable education so they can learn how to cope in the world financially, come ask me to pay for some lazy person or someone unwilling to educate themselves screaming they have a right to UBI and I will give you a more solid opinion about how I feel about it.

i know it’s scray… these people are well intentioned but as the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions

wouldn’t wish such slavery on my worst enemy, if people understood freedom then they would also understand how destructive an idea like UBI is