Unable to create transaction: NotEnoughMoney error


I am currently using the cardano-sl wallet api to manage sending and receiving ADA. Everything was working fine for a while, but now I keep getting a NotEnoughMoney error when I attempt to create a new one.

This is what is being returned from the api:
{“details”:{“msg”:“Not enough available coins to proceed.”,“availableBalance”:0}},“message”:“NotEnoughMoney”}

When I query the balance of the account, the balance returned is greater than the amount I am trying to send.

I also checked each transaction on the account and they’re all in a ‘persisted’ state with plenty of confirmations, so it shouldn’t be that the balance isn’t available because of unconfirmed transactions.

Also, when I deposit more ADA into the account, the account balance increases. However, the availableBalance message returned above still stays at 0 when I try to create a new transaction.

Does anyone have any idea on what is wrong? I am re-using the same address for my deposits if that helps.