Unlock the Value of NFT with NFT Collateralized DeFi Loans, Fluid Tokens

If you’ve ever wondered how to tap into the value of your NFTs without selling them, this is how!

Fluid Token will be providing the ability to provide your highly valuable CNFTs to be used as collateral in DeFi loans. Lock your NFT into a smart contract and mint cryptocurrencies on the other end.

This is possible in Cardano as NFTs are treated as native tokens on the blockchain, that is, they act and are treated the same way as the ADA cryptocurrency is treated on chain. Combining this unique feature with Plutus smart contracts allows you to define decentralised finance parameters around the contract and unlock potential liquidity.

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NFT secured DeFi loans are a new way to unlock the value of NFTs. DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance, and it refers to financial applications built on top of blockchain networks. In the case of NFT secured DeFi loans, NFTs are used as collateral to secure a loan.
Here’s how it works:
The NFT owner deposits their NFT as collateral with a DeFi lending platform.

The lending platform evaluates the NFT and assigns it a value.

The lending platform offers a loan to the NFT owner based on the value of the NFT.

The NFT owner can use the loan proceeds for whatever they wish, such as buying more NFTs, investing in other assets, or paying bills.

If the loan is not repaid, the lending platform can sell the NFT to recover the loan amount.

NFT secured DeFi loans offer several benefits:

Access to liquidity: NFT owners can access liquidity without having to sell their NFTs.

Lower interest rates: Because the NFT serves as collateral, the interest rates for NFT secured DeFi loans can be lower than traditional loans.

Fast approval: DeFi lending platforms are decentralized and automated, so loan approvals can be faster than traditional loans.

Transparency: Because everything is recorded on a blockchain, the lending process is transparent and auditable.

Overall, NFT secured DeFi loans offer a new way for NFT owners to unlock the value of their assets and access liquidity without having to sell their NFTs. However, as with any investment or financial decision, it’s important to do your research and understand the risks involved. However, you can explore the Drops platform at https://drops.co/ to get an idea of the current market value of NFTs and to learn more about DeFi Secured NFT Loans. Drops is a decentralized NFT marketplace that connects creators with collectors and offers a range of tools and services for buying, selling, and managing NFTs. They also provide resources and educational content on the intersection of DeFi and NFTs.