Unveiling the Success of Cardano Blockchain Learning Clubs in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

In the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Cardano Learning Clubs (CLC) spearheaded by Uptodate Developers, have emerged as beacons of educational excellence. The purpose of this report is to delve into the impact and accomplishments of CLCs, shedding light on their role in imparting profound knowledge about Cardano and blockchain technology.


The CLCs, strategically positioned across Goma, Lubumbashi, and Kinshasa, have successfully engaged 106 students through 11 clubs. Each club, meticulously curated, conducted five learning sessions, unraveling the intricacies of Cardano and blockchain technology.


Our primary mission is to evaluate the ripple effect of CLC training – understanding participation levels, lessons learned, achievements, and challenges faced. This comprehensive report not only gauges participant satisfaction but also aims to provide valuable insights into the community impact and recommendations for refining future iterations.


Participant Data Collection

A meticulous approach was employed to collect information on the 106 students, ensuring a demographic and club-specific understanding.

Session Observation

Each of the five learning sessions in every club underwent careful scrutiny to grasp the dynamics of training, participant engagement, and the effectiveness of content delivery.

Pre and Post-Assessment

To measure the impact of the program, pre-assessment surveys gauged participants’ initial knowledge, while post-assessment surveys identified knowledge gained and areas for improvement.

Participation Records

Attendance records were maintained, allowing us to calculate participation rates and assess the consistency of students’ engagement.

Participant Feedback

Structured feedback forms were distributed to participants, extracting insights into satisfaction levels, perceived strengths, and areas needing improvement.

Participation and Engagement


  • Participation: 82%
  • Absence: 18%

With 10 actively engaged students, Goma boasted an impressive 82% participation rate, indicating a commendable commitment to the CLC sessions.


  • Participation: 91%
  • Absence: 9%

Lubumbashi showcased robust engagement, with 9 students actively participating, resulting in an outstanding 91% participation rate.


  • Participation: 84%
  • Absence: 16%

In Kinshasa, the largest CLC hub with 87 students, a solid 84% participation rate underlined a substantial level of commitment.

Overall Participation

The collective participation rate across all CLCs emphasized a strong interest and commitment from students in embracing Cardano and blockchain technology.


While participation rates were generally positive, understanding reasons for absences and addressing engagement barriers could further enhance the program’s effectiveness.

Achievements and Results

The CLCs in the DRC have not just imparted knowledge; they’ve sown the seeds for a blockchain revolution. The key accomplishments are staggering.

Academic Proficiency

Students exhibited commendable progress, showcasing a robust foundation in Cardano blockchain technology concepts.

Here is the project titles:

  1. Decentralised Land Registry in DRCongo
  2. Decentralised Student Scholarship Program
  3. Local Products Exchange Platform
  4. Digital Identification System
  5. Crowdfunding platform for community projects
  6. Accessible Farm Insurance
  7. Collaborative Hub for the Local Economy
  8. E-Learning Platform
  9. Decentralised Health Network
  10. Decentralised Microcredit Solution
  11. Transparent Electronic Voting System

For more details abouts thos projects, check here

Project Formulation and Group Collaboration

Students showcased initiative by forming groups and collaboratively formulating project use cases for Cardano blockchain. This not only fostered teamwork but also encouraged diverse perspectives in project ideation.

Project Evaluation and Improvement

Thorough review and correction processes ensured alignment with industry standards and practical relevance, enhancing the quality of proposed use cases.

Financial Rewards for Excellence

Top-performing groups were rewarded with a total of 500 ADA (Cardano), acknowledging their dedication and motivating continued excellence.

Strategic Collaboration with Updev

Recognizing the potential of students’ projects, a strategic collaboration with Updev was established for ongoing technical support and mentorship, contributing to real-world applications and sustainability.

Dedicated Coaching Support

Five dedicated coaches played a pivotal role in providing personalized mentorship, technical insights, and guidance throughout the learning journey.

Comprehensive Documentation

Meticulous documentation included detailed records of learning sessions, comprehensive feedback, project proposals, coaching feedback, and progress reports.

CLC Feedback Form

For more statistical insights, you can access the CLC Feedback Form stats.pdf.

Traduced Resources in French

Access traduced resources in French through this link.

Challenges et Obstacles

Variable Participation Levels

Disparities in participation levels among students in different regions highlighted the need for targeted strategies to promote inclusivity.

Time Constraints

Time constraints emerged as a recurring challenge, impacting participants’ ability to fully absorb content and participate effectively.

Recommendations for Improvement

Flexible Learning Schedules

Implement flexible schedules to accommodate participants with time constraints, considering asynchronous learning options and recorded sessions.

Enhanced Resource Accessibility

Improve resource accessibility with comprehensive materials in multiple languages, ensuring equitable access to necessary tools.

Tailored Support for Concentration Issues

Address concentration challenges through varied teaching methods, interactive sessions, and short breaks during longer sessions.

Clear Communication Channels

Establish clear communication channels to address language barriers, providing language support and ensuring effective communication.

Personalized Goal Setting

Encourage personalized learning goals to enhance motivation and give participants a sense of direction.

Peer Support Networks

Facilitate peer support networks for collaboration and assistance, creating a sense of community and mutual encouragement.

Continuous Feedback Mechanism

Implement a continuous feedback mechanism to gather insights and make adjustments based on participant feedback.

Mentorship Programs

Introduce mentorship programs for technical guidance and support for personal and professional development.


In conclusion, the Cardano Learning Clubs have ignited a spark of knowledge, creativity, and collaboration in the DRC. While obstacles exist, the outlined recommendations aim to fuel a flexible, inclusive, and continually improving learning environment. By prioritizing participant feedback, resource accessibility, and community support, the CLC initiative is poised for sustained success and a lasting impact on the educational landscape in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For more details read the full repport here