Up Close with UpToDateDevelopers on AdaEx

On February 9th, the Catalyst Africa Townhall had the distinct pleasure of hosting UpToDateDevelopers, who shared their decentralized exchange platform with the Cardano Community. Their platform stands out, offering crypto enthusiasts in Africa the ability to buy and exchange Cardano Ada directly, eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries.

During the session, UpToDateDevelopers unveiled groundbreaking research revealing that approximately 8.1 billion on-chain transactions originated from Africa. Moreover, they highlighted that 66 percent of individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa remain unbanked, underscoring the significance of their platform in addressing these pressing issues.

A live transaction demonstration showcased how Ada can be exchanged for local African currencies, providing attendees with a firsthand glimpse into the platform’s functionality. Presently, the platform is in the testnet phase.

We commend UpToDateDevelopers for their initiative in tackling Africa’s financial challenges and eagerly anticipate more innovative solutions from the community.

The entire presentation can be found via this Youtube link

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Always great seeing UpToDateDevelopers and all the amazing strides they’re taking!

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