Cardano Meetup in Ghana - Jan 14, 2023

Cardano meetup was held over the weekend in Ghana at University for Development Studies, Nyankpala Campus in Tolon District of Ghana. The meet-up saw 40+ attendance to learn about Cardano Blockchain, Project Catalyst and prospects of Cardano in Africa. This was part of the events of the ongoing ‘Catalyst Campus Train’ project which was funded in Fund9 under the Grow Africa, Grow Cardano challenge.

I am so excited started this year 2023 on such an inspiring Cardano meetup, for it’s always refreshing, rewarding and motivation spreading Cardano Blockchain, making the Cardano Community grow and providing free resources to young people.

Participants learned Cardano Blockchain, Yoroi wallet creation, sending and receiving ADA, delegation/staking ADA, and other opportunities in the Cardano Community.


event folder - Jan 14, 2023 - University for Development Studies, Nyankpala Campus - Google Drive