Cardano meetup at a University Campus

On Saturday, February 11, 2023, I successfully hosted another Cardano meetup at a university campus in Ghana. The meet-up was held at University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR ), Dormaa Campus in the Bono Region of Ghana. A total of 50 people including facilitators participated in meetup.

Topics underscored are as follows:

  1. Evolution of money; barter to bitcoin
    2 Fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
  2. Cardano Blockchain and use-cases
  3. Yoroi wallet setup; transacting and delegation ADA
  4. Project Catalyst experiment; account creation on IdeaScale, proposal submission, proposal assessment, voting, CT and CC roles, responsibilities and rewards.
    Participant shares her experience - Cardano meetup participant - YouTube

At end of the meetup:
50+ participants
85% of participants successfully created Yoroi wallets
90% of participants created IdeaScale accounts.
100% of participants understood Cardano, and blockchain technology and appreciated the impact of Cardano on smart contracts, value and governance.

Some pictures are attached:).

More event pictures here - Meetup gallery - Google Drive

Adakwa shares his experience - participant reflection at Cardano meetup - YouTube


Thank you for the summary @chosenfintech, and for hosting this great meetup.

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Cardano makes this world a better place :muscle: By the way, will there be a Cardano meeting in Ukraine in the future? There are a lot of cardano lovers here :sunglasses:

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Thank you too for the support always!