Cardano Campus Meetup Edition 2

On the 18th of March 2023, I hosted a physical Cardano meetup event titled “Cardano Campus Meetup Edition 2 ” in Nalerigu, North East Region, Ghana.

I Recorded a total of 64 participants attending the event.

11 participants registered using the meetup link created while 53 registered with google form I created to support the meetup link since some of the participants had challenges navigating through their meetup accounts.

our discussions were around the areas;

  • Intro to Blockchain and cryptos
  • Blockchain use cases in healthcare
  • Overview of Cardano blockchain & its opportunities (Project catalyst)
  • Wallet creation using Yoroi.
  • How to send and receive crypto. etc

Most participants were new to blockchain technology and were creating a digital wallet for the first time.

About 45 participants were able to create their first crypto wallet during the meetup.

It was such an exciting moment since the audience were happy learning something new and seeing the connection of blockchain technology with their field of study.

Below is the link to the excerpts for the event which is uploaded on YouTube: