Upgrading 1.35.7 to 8.1.1 some problems encountered errors

#1 : find_intersect error!: ChannelError(NotConnected(None))

Let’s discuss the bugs and how to deal with them. We are updating and aggregating common errors on our aggregator. Thank you

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try to delete the CNCLI DB and let it sync again…


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hey Alex and dCone,

Im curious if this worked.

i’m hoping to upgrade my cardano-node which I use for practicing plutus development.

Is there a tutorial on how to do the upgrade in an elegant way? Is just deleting everything and starting from scratch a ‘good’ way to go?

Thanks for any pointers or links

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We have tested and deleted the CNCLI DB at:
cardano@vmi1153901: /opt/cardano/cnode$ ls guild-db/cncli/
cncli.db cncli.db-shm cncli.db-wal

All went to 100%, but after restarting the server it started again from: block 4490511 of 9057034: 49.58% sync’d

More information:

Image “logs/dbsync.json”

Pictures of all the services we tested and still work as below:


I still run it again and it has new states as shown below:

and we check “logs/dbsync.json” which is bulk deleting files at path “/opt/cardano/cnode/guild-db/ledger-state” as shown below

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We have many different installation methods. Depends on your initial setup.

But I have a suggestion for you general procedure to be safe

  1. Stop cnode service: sudo systemctl stop cnode

  2. Backup your current cnode at /home/dconecrypto/git/cardano-node

  3. Please check the cabal, ghcup, libsodium,secp256k1 version of the current version, save and update the new cnode version information

  4. Download and install the new cardano-node
    Found instructions here: Node & CLI - Guild Operators

We will soon publish installation information, updates, common errors and solutions for everyone’s reference.

Thanks dcone! I’m meeting with a friend at 1430 UTC today to try to upgrade our cNode (Cardano Node - cardano-node) to the latest version. I think he is using the demeter.run, web based version and wants to do a fresh local install. I have a 1.35.7

My friend and I will follow the steps you provided - thank you very much!

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Good luck to you and your friends with the upgrade