US Tax Treatment of ~1.44 ADA Native Token Asset Transfer Rider

Anyone have experience on how to treat the ~1.44 ADA that is required for a native token transfer for US tax purposes? If you’re sending it out with an asset and it isn’t received back on a 1-way journey, I assume it is considered a capital gain at current USD value, (even though that should potentially be considered a capital loss?). If that same ~1.44ADA is sent on a token mint contained within mint price and received back with the token, how should it be treated?

Right now it seems like this:
Treated as capital gain at USD value when sent
Treated as deposit at current value when returned
Included in cost basis of asset received (this helps to balance the capital gain on send incurred)

BUT, can it be considered a round trip amount that is excluded from from cost basis and never technically sold/spent/redeemed? Or can it be considered a loss on the send and a gain on the receipt, balancing things out?

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