Making a token that represents AUD in a bank account

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When sending native asset tokens, does the recipient also receive the min ada value? and can they then use that value to send the token/s to another person? and is the min ada value proportional to the number of tokens you are sending? (e.g. Person A is sent 100 tokens with min ada value and then sends 50 tokens to person B with half the original min ada value)

These transactions are ignoring transaction fees which would be accounted for.


Yes, the recipient receives the min ada along with the tokens. (The min ada rules apply to each output of the transaction.)

The min ada value depends upon how much storage the UTxO requires on the blockchain. It depends upon the number of different minting policies, the number of different assets, and the length of the asset names. Here is an online calculator. For example, if you are sending 100 of the same tokens, then min ada will be less than 1.6 ADA. (It’s not the number of tokens that matters, it’s the number of different tokens that matters.) However, if they were all minted under different policies and have long names, then the min ada could be nearly 35 ADA.

In your example where person A sends 50 of their 100 tokens to person B, both the 50 tokens sent to person B and the 50 tokens remaining with person A would have to have the min ada.


Does the min ada that is sent with the token have to come from the address sending the token, and does it have to go to the person receiving the token? Or can it come from another address, and go back to that address, such that it is purely like a catalyst in a sense?

Each output from the transaction (i.e., each --tx-out) must have the correct min ada for the tokens in that particular output. It doesn’t matter where that ada comes from, since ada is fungible. It doesn’t act like a “catalyst” because it needs to accompany the token. The min ada is associated with the UTxO, not the address.

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Can the ada sent with the token later be split off from the UTxO in a subsequent transaction then?

Effectively not, because in whatever UTxO the transaction resides, that same UTxO must have at least the min ada. It is possible to economize by putting several tokens in a single UTxO, so the min ada per token is lower. If the tokens have the same asset ID, the min ada for large quantities of them is the same as the min ada for a single token.

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