Useful scripts for stake-pool operators

jormungandr QA scripts by IOHK: (create addresses, send ada, delegate via command line, etc:

helper scripts that basically check if your node forked and then restart it automatically:

a collection of tweaks and optimizations by @_ilap, very detailed, as know from his contributions here in the forum:

Another alternative to a failover/restart script by @rdlrt:

For reasons of clarity, these scripts were separated from Useful guides/tutorials for stake-pool operators (setting up a stake pool)


hey :slight_smile:

thank you for this useful list, can I suggest my scripts to be added?


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I’m building the pool_check script (100% bash) to check if your node is running smoothly and nobody messed with the configuration. Today the first update featuring email notifications has been released, so I enter my script here :slight_smile:

@adatainment I have build / tested and released an Ansible role for building a core / reply node on Amazon Linux / Centos 7 which is here: GitHub - osodevops/ansible-role-cardano-node: Ansible role for the provisioning of Shelly Cardano binaries from source.

Working on a Ubuntu version now.

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