A Cardano-Node security script - pool_check

Dear all you StakeOP’s out there,

today I’d like to present to you the first security script concerning the operation of a cardano-node.

The command-line script checks if your system needs updates, checks your ssh configuration, checks your active connections and your open ports with an aim to provide you with a fast solution to check your node setup - and to check if your node setup might have been modified.
Output information is written to a pool.security file for inspection.

The script can be found on github: https://github.com/stablepool/pool_check

If you have any checks to add - please feel free to contact me or write an issue on github. I hope this script is usefull to you operators out there in providing a stable staking experience!

I hope to extend this script in the future to bring more secure node operation to the cardano blockchain.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


The first update for pool_check has just been pushed to GitHub:

Now it features hourly (or less, defined in cron) tests on:
is cardano-node running?
is the load average of my server too high?
did my server configuration change?

If it does:
you can specify an email adress that receives an error message so you know someone is messing with your server or cardano node crashed

The script is 100% pure bash - so it’s compatible along Linux and readable - check for yourselves :slight_smile:

Info on how to get and setup the script is specified here: https://github.com/stablepool/pool_check/blob/master/README.md